Your-Vote-Counts-250x249-150x150As we approach November 4, 2014, the topic of my next article is clear: Election Day in America. What does it mean to you? Where is the Authority to vote located? How many Attorney General opinions govern elections and Administrative Regulations? Who makes the rules on electronic voting? How many people are required in Precinct Polls to make sure voting goes smoothly and everyone that is registered to vote has a good experience and they are assured that their vote will be counted?

As an American woman, I have voted in every election, including primaries since I turned 18 years old. I remember voting absentee from Memphis Tennessee sending my vote for Ronald Regan up to Syracuse New York. I took the time to make sure my vote counted in that election because at the time it was 1984 and I knew my vote should not be taken for granted. Less than 100 years before, women fought for just this right to have a voice and a platform to be counted in a Representative Republic by having a vote. We do not have a ½ vote. It is not subject to whether someone else will allow us to vote. We live in a country where we can vote as individual, thinking people.

I am so honored to vote, in fact, I love it. As an attorney I have heard people make the argument that they do not register to vote so they will not be called for Jury Duty. This logic is detrimental to all people. Both voting and jury trials are in our US Constitution and grant everyone the RIGHT to due process. However, this right must not be taken for granted. Each person, each individual must be involved and vigilant over the process. Set within the procedure are opportunities of due process. Too many people have become overcome by misinformation and disinformation – and just press party lines as a quick and easy way to vote. I have done this myself in the past. I believe, presently, it is important to weigh each vote you cast individually and use a standard for each.

Propaganda has created many illusions that people have tended to settle for, simply because the lie has been repeated enough. For example: “vote for lesser of two evils”; “we can’t change politics”; “politics is too dirty; no one decent wants to run”. “Other people will take care of those difficult issues”.

I submit that you have value. Your vote does matter. Your involvement is crucial for yourself and your family and local community and our National platform. Americans are not made up of defeat or passing the buck on to others. We are go-getters, we are overcomers, and we are exceptional people. There is unity in our diversity with a common goal of Freedom and Liberty and Justice. Go vote— run the race; fight the good fight; never, never, never give up!

I’m looking forward to comments on voting in America. If anyone wants to bring up the subject of who owns our voting equipment and where it is all counted, I am open to that as a discussion and for further research.

As always, God Bless America! Happy Election Day—Life Long Learning is awesome and never a better time than to learn who is trying to govern your life.

Lauren Martel

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