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The Law Offices of Lauren Martel offer quality, capable legal representation and the ability to get results when representing Hilton Head Island clients. With an office on the South-end of Hilton Head Island, The Law Offices of Lauren Martel offers convenient, experienced, compassionate, personal service.

Family Law

Issues pertaining to marriage, adoption, custody, divorce, and estate planning.

Civil Litigation

Environmental Law
Intellectual Property
Personal Injury …


Foreclosure requires a homeowner to return his or her house to a lender …

Contract Law

Mutual assent, legality, and capacity of an agreement creating obligations …

Personal Injury Law

Automobile Accidents

Car accidents almost always result in injuries, extensive medical bills, and treatments. This in turn can lead to lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, and much more. Victims deserve to be compensated for the negligence of another party. If you’ve been in a motorcycle or auto accident, you have legal rights, and may be entitled to financial compensation.

If you or a loved one is injured while driving a a car or motorcycle, we can help. At Martel Law  we know how to investigate your accident and will take the time to explain all your rights and options.

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Ms. Martel is a type of person with whom anyone feels an instant connection, because she is very warm and personable. Besides being an extremely pleasant person to be around with, she is a very knowledgeable attorney, and you can count on her best advice. When she takes on your case, it is the person, not the case that matters to her. Having Ms. Martel as your attorney will mean not only having a great advocate, but also acquiring a friend who believes in your case and will work hard to achieve the best results.

– Jane S, Hilton Head Island

Ms Lauren Martel represented me during my divorce … it was a very emotional time for me and Lauren was nothing but compassionate and extremely professional throughout the entire process.  Whenever I had a question or needed her help she was very quick to respond and my mind was out as ease.

– Kathy S, Hilton Head Island

Lauren has been our Family Attorney for over 25 years.  She has successfully handled, divorce and child custody cases on our behalf with the utmost dignity and class .  Her compassion and the Christian ethics she exudes both in the courtroom and her personal life resonates the type of person she is.  We are blessed not only to have her as our Attorney but to be a lifelong friend as well.

 – Mr. & Mrs. Jordan F, Hilton Head Island

It has been impossible for me to get needed health care because I can’t wear a mask.  I tried twice to go into my Doctors office/Hospital “mask-less” but they wouldn’t let me in the door (and were rude to me).  We decided that because this was NEEDED medical attention (and not frivolous) that we would hire an attorney and fight for the right to get health care.  We hired Lauren Martel and we gave her the pertinent information (what doctor, what happened) and she composed a letter and then sent me to the Hospital with that letter (using “legal language” and convincing the Hospital/Doctor to let me in without a mask).  The Hospital told me to wait about 10 minutes and then told me I could enter (and everyone was pleasant to me) but to keep the letter in my hand.  I did and I got my needed care (without a mask).  Then a few days later the same thing happened at my Doctors office…after handing them the letter from my Attorney, a pleasant office worker came outside to talk to us and said that she would be in charge of working with me to make sure that I was seen (with accommodations).  I recommend  hiring Mrs. Martel for anything related to the climate we are in.   I feel really good about our outcome after we got the letters from Mrs. Lauren Martel.

-Debra, Hilton Head Island

Scales in courtroom
Ms. Martel is an extremely dedicated and an experienced professional attorney who goes above and beyond and gets results. Ms. Martel is open, honest , hardworking and makes you feel more like a friend or family member than just a client. I cannot imagine another attorney being more highly recommend than her.
Tara R,  Hilton Head Island